Require Help

We see men and women of all ages want to work for the welfare of society. They want to contribute in a constructive and creative way. Some want to work in the field of protection of environment, forests and wildlife, empowerment of women, Animal Welfare, like this some want to work in the field of Education, Sanitation, Poverty alleviation and for the underprivileged section of society. They all face many problems regarding starting a new project, some want to start a formal NGO ,Charitable Trust but do not know how to get registered ,how to get help from Government Departments. Most of them do not have enough resources, funds, offices, furniture even they need printing and promotional material, content translation.

When any individual or group wants any type of help in this regard, we are ready to provide every kind of assistance to them. We will try to help in every stage of their work. We have a list of Subject Experts who are willing to give free service in the true spirit of Gift Culture. Through this effort we want to bring Gift Culture practically into our modern lives, communities, organizations not only in India but throughout the world.


Service to Others

In a gift-economy, goods and services are given freely without asking for money in return. We want to encourage the practice of freely and generously gifting one’s time, energy, creativity, patience and labor not only to one’s own benefit but to other people of the community as well. There are many in our society who need knowledge, skill but cannot afford to pay money in exchange. We want to provide different kinds of services to all section of society like students, housewives & others.

There are many experts in their field like Doctors, Engineers, Professors, Teachers, Tax Experts, Lawyers, and Senior Citizens who like to share their knowledge with others free of charge. It would be rewarding in itself because it will bring them closer together and it will afford them the privilege of learning new abilities, new trades, and new ways of seeing the world in a communal spirit of gifting and sharing. Of course they would want to do it because it can be gratifying, rewarding and lots of fun and enjoyment if it is done with right attitude. In this way we can solve some of our problems which arise when people want to do some kind of social work.


Creative Work

We know there are many people in our region, in Rajasthan and in India who are highly talented, innovative and doing creative work in various fields. Their work inspires us tremendously to do something new and unique for society. There are Scientists, Singers, Dancers, Writers, Painters, Poets, Theatre artists, Professionals, Sports Persons etc. We want to highlight their work and positive contribution because through their creative work they are giving happiness, pleasure and enjoyment to all. Their talent is a gift to the society. In order to encourage them we would like to publish their activities and profiles in our Website.


Innovative Thinking

If any individual, group or organization has started doing something unique and innovative work and that has the power of changing our thinking then that type of new thought and action should be encouraged and welcomed. It is important if any individual or group has any innovative idea but they could not yet start practical work they can share this with us so that one day their unfulfilled dream  can be achieved. This kind of new thinking can be positive and inspiring to bring about some changes in the lives of our society. It can also provide new direction to other groups and social organizations to start doing any kind of innovative work by learning from their experiences.

We will try to publish your true and real stories, Photographs, videos, blogs in our website.


Act of Happiness

When someone does an act of happiness the good feelings generated by and expression of appreciation intervene in the release of Dopamine, the chemical in the brain associated with happiness it activates the parts of brain in which complex thinking and problem solving are stored. Helping someone makes people feel good and it gives positive feelings that continue and even amplify creating more and more good feelings it makes our spirits uplifted, it brings a smile on our face or are our heart or will contribute towards our future happiness.

There are some persons in our city who are donating blood on a regular basis. It is a matter of great pleasure that we have five blood donators who have gifted their blood more than 50 times in their life so far. This is indeed an act of happiness for them and a great service to the needy people of our society. They are saving the lives of serious patients. They not only gift blood but they encourage and inspire other youngsters to do the same. We also want to honor them for their commendable service.