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What is 'SUKOON'?
A movement for re-Thinking our LIFESTYLE.

Global warming due to over consumption has become the biggest problem in the world today. Today man has created so much of his needs, which, while fulfilling, he reaches old age. No matter how much we may do in this mundane world, we still yearn for 'that moment' of peace our whole life.
Just think, are we born only to consume and fulfill our needs???
This is indeed a question that boggles my mind.

While working in the Media, Publication and Online sector, it is often seen that one person is lacking for something, then there is another person who has the same item lying idle and that stuff can also be useful to someone else. Sometimes we also feel that if this useful item comes in handy for some needy, how good it will be, but where to find the one who needs it. The funny thing is, how do you find the one who needs that item in the same way? Because there is no proper medium of information about such items and the needy, that item remains useless. Then in the end, that item goes to the scrap at the scraper.

Therefore, to fill this gap, I started such a "Big Showroom" in Udaipur in 2014, where you can find any new or old useful items lying at your home, shop or office, which are no longer useful to you and you can get away with it. If you want to gift for free, then you can gift such goods to our "SUKOON Showroom". We keep these items decorated in "SUKOON Showroom" People from cities and villages come to our showroom, tell their needs and we provide these useful items to them (free of cost). The goods gifted by you also fulfill the need of any person, organization, organization or needy. You also have a pleasant feeling in your mind that because of you, someone's need has been fulfilled.
If the giver likes any item, then he can also take it.
So gift us any useful stuff new or old...

Since 2014, "SUKOON Showroom" is running in Udaipur, not even a single rupee does not take donation or donation from anyone. This social service movement is going on by spending everything from my own pocket. We don't even have any receipt book or bill book, not even a bank account in the name of 'Sukoon'. 'Sukoon' is not an organization, NGO, foundation, society or trust, just a nation wide mission. We are not doing this work to earn money or to collect funds. We do not accept any donation (cash or cheque) from any person, institution, government or any industrialist even a single rupee. Taking the spirit of true service, with pure conscience, just want to remain a medium, because the 'SUKOON' mission is not for collecting donations but for do-nations.

You can send us clothes, books, jackets, shoes, socks, coats, paints, saris, sports goods, toys, exam notes, blank papers, steel utensils, bulbs, watches, crockery, glasses, artificial jewellery, teeter, walker, old Vehicle, Bicycle, TV, Soft Ties, Sewing Machine, Pictures, Musical Instrument, Music System, Fitness Equipment, Gas Stove, Carrom, Chess, Ball, Hockey, Skating Shoes, Gift Article, Press, Cricket Bet, Charger, Mobile, Computer, Printer, Pendrive, CD, DVD. Player, Cooler, Freeze, Tubelight, Heater, Geyser, Furniture, Wardrobe, Ply, Door, Windows, Bedsheet, Blankets, Quilt, Bedding, Curry, Magazine, Religious Books, Stationery, Directory, Notebook, Handicraft, Sanitary or Hardware Goods, Kothi or drum, water bottle, hose, gardening items, tools, tools, machine, water pump etc. can be gifted any item.
We do not take money and medicine, we take everything else.

NOTE: A special request is made to everyone that do not give us such items that are broken, broken, broken or used for junk. The goods should be such that you, us and all the three who take it get comfort.

Thank you.
Sampat Bapna (journalist)
Founder 'Sukoon'